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We traveled together in 1st. Class

There are times when you decide to say: yes, I want to...!
In Mister Technology we want your yes and the same for your customers, your workers, your suppliers, your friends ... For this, we walk kilometers and we will fly much more kilometers on this trip. The road motivates us, deludes us, we want you in it.

Otherwise, do not worry, you travel in First Class: innovative products,generators of smile, with wow ... and if you want, we put your brand, the logo of your company or a specific event logotype. Are you ready? OK, we're going on a trip! To enjoy!


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Advertising is based on one thing, happiness! And, you know what happiness is? Happiness is the smell of a new car.
Don Draper (Mad Men)

And the experience of seeing a new gadget working? See your customers happy, your workers delighted with your company, your suppliers surprised...
So We are here to help you! - (+34) 91 052 87 49


Specialists in technological gadgets. Best prices. Their flagship is the Magic LED Bulb

Water damaged smartphones repair Kit.

The sun glasses for technology lovers. With wooden pins respectful with the environment.