Technological Gadgets

Surprising technological products for entertainment, home, work. The flagship is the LED Magic Bulb of the molamucho (Spanish brand). All gadgets can be customized with logo or image of brand or company (product and packaging).




The wet mobile phones that distributes Mister Tecnología

LED Magic Bulb by molamucho!!

Mister Tecnología in 24h International Channel (TVE)


Specialists in technological gadgets. Best prices. Their flagship is the Magic LED Bulb

Water damaged smartphones repair Kit.

The sun glasses for technology lovers. With wooden pins respectful with the environment.

We fall in love with the consumer

Innovative custom merchandising for your company or educational center: Gifts, anniversaries, events, parties, graduations... Arrange of products like: handbags, pendrive, caps, pens, speakers, paddles beach, tshirts, piggy banks , apron, cups...